M. Rapsel Ali (MRA) Distributed 1.7 Tons of Qurbani Meat Eid Al-Adha 1442 H

-Makassar-14 views – Makassar. Member of Commission VI of the House of Representatives from the NasDem Party Faction represented 1st electoral district in South Sulawesi, Muhammad Rapsel Ali, distributed sacrificial animals in his electoral area, Tuesday (20/07/2021)

In total there are 19 locations used as place for slaughtering the total weight of 1.7 tons of sacrificial animals that are distributed to local residents.

“Alhamdulillah, this is the 2nd year that Mr. Muhammad Rapsel Ali distributes sacrificial animals to his constituency. This program is called „Tebar Qurban Bersama Rapsel Ali“ and has been running for 2 years,” said Darmawang, the expert staff of this House of Representatives member.

“There are 19 cows for qurbani distributed and spread from Makassar to Selayar. This year, qurbani were also distributed in the archipelago, namely the Pasimarannu sub-district. In total there are about 1.7 tons of qurbani from Mr. Muhammad Rapsel Ali which is distributed to the community,” he added.

Muhammad Rapsel Ali expressed his gratitude for the fortune given by Allah SWT and hoped that the distributed qurbani would be a blessing for all.

“Of course we are grateful and hope that the donation of distributed qurbani will bring blessings and happiness to our people. Hopefully this Eid al-Adha will make us more grateful and closer to Allah SWT,” said Rapsel.

He also hopes that all Indonesians pray for the end of this pandemic and this country can recover.

“Let’s pray together to the end of this pandemic and we can back to our normal live. Keep obeying health protocols and maintaining immunity and we can avoid this virus,” closed Rapsel Ali**(RM)


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