Regarding the International Standard State School Plan, PAUD Mother: God Willing, We Will Finish It Soon

PAUD Mother of Makassar City, Indira Jusuf Ismail, reviewed the location of the planned construction of an international standard PAUD and kindergarten school (foto: ist.) MAKASSAR. The Mother of PAUD (Early Childhood Education) of Makassar City, Indira Jusuf Ismail, reviewed the location of the planned development of an international standard Early Childhood Education and Kindergarten school.

“To improve the quality of education, a breakthrough in the world of education is needed. The effort is, of course, by presenting international standard schools in each sub-district. It is hoped that it will be able to improve the quality of education in Makassar City,” said Indira on the during her visit to Katimbang Village, Biringkanaya District.

The mother of PAUD further said that after holding several hearings and meetings, the initial plan was to build kindergarten/PAUD schools in each sub-district and to add elementary schools as well.

“We will build an integration school, if the land area allows for a kindergarten/PAUD and also an elementary school, adjusted to the existing land area,” she said.

Indira then ensured that all locations must have clear right of ownership and belong to the government. “This school will have the state status (negeri), so the basis for the land right of ownership must be clear,” she emphasized.

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In addition to her visit in Biringkanaya District, the PAUD Mother and her entourage also visited locations in Districts of Tamalanrea, Rappocini, Makassar, and Ujung Pandang.

For Tamalanrea District, the available land area is quite large, reaching 1.5 hectares. So that it is possible to build integration schools for TK/PAUD, primary schools (SD), and junior high schools (SMP). While in the Manggala District, according to the PAUD Mother, the realization has now entered the final stage of building design.

“God willing, we will finish it soon,” she continued.

In reviewing the location of this TK PAUD, Indira Jusuf Ismail was accompanied by a team from the Indonesian Architects Association as well as from Makassar City Education Office. [Ib]