Live on Instagram, Danny Spoke to Issues from Detector Task Force to Noni

Makassar Mayor Danny Pomanto as a speaker at an event discussing Makassar Recover and integrated floating isolation held live via Instagram, Tuesday (27/07/2021) (foto: ist.) MAKASSAR. Since being inaugurated as Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Makassar, Danny Pomanto-Fatmawati Rusdi has been focusing on saving residents and the City of Makassar from exposure to COVID-19.

The Makassar Recover program was finally launched which brought the Detector Task Force, Raika Task Force and Covid Hunter among the residents as an effort to suppress the rate of COVID-19. Then later, there is now floating isolation as a place for isolation to exposed residents.

This was echoed again by the Mayor of Makassar Danny Pomanto when he was a speaker at an event which talked about Makassar Recover and integrated floating isolation carried out live via Instagram, Tuesday (27/07/2021).

Danny Pomanto in his statement at the event said that currently Makassar City is in the red zone category as the Detector Task Force has worked to detect the saturation and body temperature of residents.

“The red zone means the detector task force has worked optimally to record residents. Just imagine if it is not detected and eventually becomes OTG. This is one way to stop the spread of the COVID-19,” he explained.

When asked about the drink made from noni that has been widely discussed with the healing properties of the exposed people, Danny also spoke up.

“Traditional drink made from noni that is useful for healing and restoring the body’s condition. Besides being good for consumption for those who are exposed to it, it also has other benefits,” explained Danny.

Speaking of integrated floating isolation, the Mayor of Makassar said this program was a new way to encourage exposed people to recover.

“Various activities will be included to this integrated floating isolation. So participants will be provided with information and interesting healing activities so that they can speed up their recovery,” concluded Danny. [Ib]